Friday, September 25, 2015

New Release: Teresa's Garden

I am pleased to announce the Fine Form Press release of my new middle grade short story: Teresa's Garden!

Teresa's Garden

The inspiration of the story was a homily by our parish priest, Father Stanley, who discussed Mother Teresa and her analogy of the spiritual fruits of her garden.

Mother Teresa quote:
The fruit of silence is prayer, the fruit of prayer is faith, the fruit of faith is love, the fruit of love is service and the fruit of service is peace.

Teresa's Garden blurb:
A bomb suddenly detonates on a Kolkata street. Veronica and her friends scramble for safety, arriving unexpectedly at the Missionaries of Charity hospital. When Mother Teresa invites them into her garden the children are in for quite a mystical afternoon!

Besides featuring endearing Mother Teresa, this Catholic-themed story is loaded with allusions to many well-known Bible characters. I hope that readers will also find it edifying.

I hope parents will read Teresa's Garden to their young children, and that older children will also enjoy reading it.

As with all of my other middle grade fiction (Shadow the black Lab series) Teresa's Garden will also be available in print in the near future. Stay tuned for more details!

Teresa's Garden can be purchased from Amazon, Smashwords, B&N, itunes or your favorite e-book retailer and it is also available in print on


Monday, September 14, 2015

Review: Meditations Before Mass

Meditations Before Mass Meditations Before Mass by Romano Guardini
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a well-written, beautiful treatise on the Catholic Mass and the wealth of theological significance - written by the man known as "Pope Benedict XVI's Theologian".

These meditations also include a practical guide to liturgical worship along with meditation before the Holy Eucharist, as well as during Mass.

This book is must-reading for Catholics.
I look forward to reading many more of Fr. Guardini's insightful writings.

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Thursday, September 03, 2015

Review: Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep Doctor Sleep by Stephen King
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I liked this sequel to The Shining, although I had to get over the new Danny Torrance as a grownup, drunk, lousy human being.

Alcoholics Anonymous figures prominently in the story, and at times it reads like King wrote the novel to fulfill one of the Twelve Steps.

But the story is well-plotted (as always with King) with memorable characters, and the idea of the True Knot, with the evil Rose the Hat as their leader, was frightening.

I found the story to be an entertaining read. Like most Stephen King novels, you don't come away any smarter, but you're rarely disappointed with the time you spent in his company.

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