JT Therrien Catholic Fiction

This page lists my Catholic fiction.

These stories explicitly promote Catholic doctrine. Having said that, they are nonetheless entertaining reads and can be enjoyed by non-Catholics as well as Catholics. The stories range from short stories to novel-length, from Middle Grade to Adult. Some, but not all, are concerned with applying St. John Paul II's amazing Theology of the Body (TOB) in an exploration of modern, contemporary romance and the relationships between men and women in the real world. Please note that although there is plenty of natural physical attraction between the characters, there is never any premarital sex.

My Catholic and other-genre fiction is available from Amazon, Smashwords, B & N, itunes or your favorite e-book retailer. My middle grade children's fiction is also available in print on CreateSpace.com and at Amazon.ca.

Down By Contact (football-themed romance novella)

Daddy's little girl is running the team now!

After the death of a millionaire, his daughter inherits his NFL team. Her first task: to fire the handsome, but injured, veteran quarterback who just led the team into the playoffs.

Teresa's Garden (Mother Teresa fictional short story - middle grade)

Mother Teresa shows her special garden to a group of children.

St. Nicholas (Christmas-themed short story)

What is a young maiden's virtue worth? Now what about three such maidens?

Sprainter (young adult, dystopian, art-themed novella)

A group of rebel Catholic street artists battle a cruel dictator determined to wipe them out.

The Wedding Scheme (humor, contemporary romance novel)

As if planning one wedding wasn't tasking enough, Soleil's mother suddenly announces the good news - she is getting re-married to Soleil's father in a double ceremony with Soleil.

But when Soleil's fiance breaks off their engagement weeks before the wedding, her parent's re-marriage is placed in jeopardy.

The Artist's Dog (#3 in the Shadow the Black Lab children's fiction series)
Michelangelo, suffering from a creative block, cannot finish his sculpture, the Pieta. Shadow, his pet Labrador Retriever, is determined to help the master sculptor finish the work.

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