Saturday, December 29, 2012

Review: Zippers, A Short Story

Zippers, A Short Story by Ashley Barron

I love Ashley Barron's stories! Here's one reason why, from Zippers: "My eyes begin to sting. He kneels down and gives my shoulder a squeeze. The sting turns to water."

Ms. Barron has a knack, a skill, for writing in a very small number of pages what it takes other writers hundreds of pages to get out. She understands the human condition, whether she is showing what goes on in the mind of a woman getting ready to go out to celebrate a birthday, or describing a ten-year-old boy's reaction to a tantalizing mystery at a picnic.

Like the ten-year-old, Ms Barron dares to probe, to ask the uncomfortable questions. And like the boy in Zippers, she is rewarded (as her readers are, too) by thoughtful, heartfelt answers that ring true.

I'm always a better person for having read one of Ms Barron's stories, and I will always make time to read them.

I'm already looking forward to the next Ashley Barron story.


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