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David N. Walker Guest Post

Today, I am posting on fellow author David N. Walker's blog, and he is guest-posting on mine.

A few months ago I was lucky enough to read David's devotional collection Heaven Sent. I truly felt the presence of the Holy Spirit within the pages. Some of the stories made me laugh, and others tear up, and they all made me pause and reflect on different aspects of humanity. I gave it a 5 Star review on Amazon. The following is David's post:

David N. Walker
As leader of my Sunday School class for the past eight years, I've made it a practice to read a short piece to the class each Sunday before bringing up the teacher. Sometimes it would be something funny or something to do with current events, but frequently it would be an inspirational or devotional piece I've received in an email. I've carefully saved all of these readings over the years.

A year or so ago it dawned on me that I had a treasure trove of Christian stories I could share with others. I went back through my files and selected 67 of the pieces I've read through the years. The selection includes some of my own thoughts and one piece written by my daughter. The rest are those I've received in emails.

My first step was to try to contact the authors of the pieces whenever I could find their names. Then I sent emails to each asking permission to include his or her piece in my book. Of course, I had to omit a number of them whose authors either were unlocatable or denied permission. The result was the stories I've included in the book, Heaven Sent. Many of them are anonymous, but I've attributed those authors I found who gave me permission to use their stories.

Once I selected the stories which would go into the book, I appended comments of my own to them, except, of course, for the ones I originally wrote. To eliminate confusion, I put the original stories in italics, with my comments following in plain text.

Please click here to read more about Heaven Sent on my website, including how to order it. Or click here to read about it on Goodreads. Or here to buy a copy while you're at it.

Here's one of the stories I wrote:

Anna Grace—a Picture of God’s Rest

Sitting in church one morning some years ago, I saw something so ordinary and simple and yet so beautiful that I was overwhelmed by it. I hope I can convey the power of what hit me.
A young couple sat in front of us with a baby in an infant seat between them turned so that the baby—who my wife discovered was named Anna Grace—faced us. Throughout the service—praise and worship, announcements and sermon—the mother sat with her hand lightly touching Anna Grace's cheek.

Anna Grace rested one of her little hands on the back of her mother's hand and the other on her arm and just smiled contentedly. A little later she fell asleep with her hands remaining on her mother's hand and arm.

The picture was one of unbounded love from the mother to the daughter and of unquestioning trust from the daughter toward the mother. Resting securely in her mother's touch, Anna Grace was totally at peace.

The church service and the crowd of people around me ceased to exist as I gazed at this picture. God reminded me that He loved me infinitely more than this human mother loved her daughter and that I needed Him infinitely more than Anna Grace needed her mother.

There was much going on around Anna Grace that she could not understand. Our sanctuary holds a couple of thousand people. Our music is pretty loud and lively. Strange people (us) were staring at her. Was Anna Grace daunted in any way by all of this? No! She was at peace, resting in her mother's touch, totally confident that her mother would bring about what was best for her despite anything going on around her.

This was the most powerful picture of God's rest I've ever seen. He promised us that He would take ANYTHING that happened in our lives and use it for our good—not some things, not most things, but ALL THINGS! He didn't promise there would never be pain or that all would always go the way WE wanted it to, but He did promise our ultimate good.

This infant, Anna Grace, was reminding me to rest in God and be anxious for NOTHING! Not to worry about circumstances around me, not to worry about what I was going to eat or how I would pay for it. Not to be bothered or troubled—period!

God has already let us see the end of the book. We know how it comes out. We win! But more than just winning in the end, He has promised that He is in control in the meantime if we'll just surrender ourselves to Him and rest in Him.

The contentment on Anna Grace's face spoke volumes more than I can hope to write here. I just hope I have given you a glimpse of what God showed me in this infant and her mother.

David N. Walker
David N. Walker is a Christian husband, father and grandfather, a grounded pilot, a would-be Nashville star, and a near-scratch golfer who had to give up the game because of shoulder problems. A graduate of Duke University, he spent 42 years as a health insurance agent. Most of that career was spent in Texas, but for a few years he traveled many other states.

He started writing about 20 years ago and has been a member and leader in several writers' groups. Four of his books, the devotional Heaven Sent and the first four novellas in the Fancy series, are now available in paperback and in Kindle and Nook formats. Click here for more information and links to purchase these books.

David continues to work on the Fancy series, and expects to publish volume 5 in April.

I wish to thank David for participating (and suggesting) this blog post switch today, and for sharing one of his wonderful stories. To read more of David's writing, please go to his blog: http://davidnwalker.com/heaven-sent.



  1. Beautiful and touching story, David. And a great reminder that we should trust our all into God's hands.

  2. Thanks, Rhonda. You're absolutely right.

  3. Thank you David for sharing this story, and thank you Rhonda for pointing out the true message of Anna Grace's tale. :-)

  4. Replies
    1. Let me try that again: You, good sir, are always welcomed here! I'd like to have you back again to guest-blog about your Fancy series. Thank you for suggesting the blog switch. You have a wonderful group of supportive readers over there! Thank you for sharing them with me.


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