Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Review: Fill These Hearts: God, Sex, and the Universal Longing

Fill These Hearts: God, Sex, and the Universal Longing
Fill These Hearts: God, Sex, and the Universal Longing by Christopher West

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This is one of my favorite Christopher West/Theology of the Body (TOB) texts. In Fill These Hearts the complex theological doctrine of the TOB is simplified and rendered readily accessible. The theme of the book is how the ideas of the Theology of the Body pervade our popular culture, including lyrics in popular pop songs. West begins each chapter by quoting from such pop groups as U2 and Steve Winwood (among many others) and then discusses in a very informal way central points in the TOB doctrine that can be found in movies, songs and art - namely, in all facets of contemporary culture.

The informal way that the TOB is presented leads me to believe that this book grew out of a series of presentations. The book also contains some of West's personal experiences (humbly presented as lessons from real life). These are some of the book's best assets.

For the reader familiar with basic TOB doctrines, West's book shows how down-to-earth and realistic a role this theology is meant to play in a devout Catholic's life.

Fill These Hearts should be read by anyone interested in how Saint John Paul II's Theory of the Body is an attainable theological way of life. For those unfamiliar with the TOB, I would recommend reading some of West's more academic books on the subject before reading this one, but Fill These Hearts is a must-have addition to any serious Catholic's bookshelf.

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