Monday, January 12, 2015

I'm Finally Writing Something New! Doctor Farkas III

Happy 2015!

After two years of editing works from my catalog (with still four novels to go!), I'm taking a break and am actually beginning a new project. Or, should I say, continuing a new project?

I'm currently writing the third installment in my Dr. Farkas paranormal romance series for Fine Form Press. This one is titled King's Daughter and it is steeped in history. The fun in writing about vampires is that they just don't die (at least not easily) and their lives span eras.

In this third part, my narrator changes from doomed/rescued/doomed and rescued again phlebotomist Abigail Andrews to Dieudonnée, her nemesis and mortal enemy (especially after all that brouhaha in Blood Work: Dr. Farkas II. King's Daughter is Dieudonnée's autobiography. So, anyone familiar with the mean-bordering-on-psychotic vampire knows that this is going to be quite a tale!

To recap the Dr. Farkas series so far:

Dr. Farkas by JT Therrien
Dr. Farkas

Abigail Andrews is a phlebotomist who has terminal leukemia. The good news is that her oncologist, Dr. Jakob Farkas, might be able to heal her, since he claims to be a vampire. But there's one small hitch, tired of his lonely existence, Farkas has not fed in over 100 years and needs to be brought back to health before he can help Abigail, with whom he has fallen madly in love.

Abigail doesn't believe the crazy doctor's story, but she doesn't have much else going on at the moment besides dying. So she leaves her boring life behind in order to join Jakob Farkas on his travels around the world in search of a mystical cure.

As they await the arrival of the Spring Equinox in the legendary caves in Lascaux France, Abigail wonders if she can overcome the greatest obstacle to her cure: her mortality.

Blood Work: Dr. Farkas II by JT Therrien
Blood Work: Dr. Farkas Part II

Newlyweds Jakob and Abigail lead an active social life: they party late into the night in after-hours dance clubs, devour tasty amuse bouches, and travel the world seeking fun and adventure. Life is good, until one day when Abigail starts throwing up. Not a life-threatening event, unless you're a vampire. When Abigail's illness spreads to Jakob, and then threatens an entire lineage of vampires, the couple is summoned to old Quebec City to meet with Jakob's maker. Abigail is introduced to Dieudonnée and quickly finds herself caught between a lethal illness and a jealous, vicious vampire whose solution to the problem is to kill Abigail.

In King's Daughter: Dr. Farkas Part III, Dieudonnée recounts her incredible adventure which begins in 1636 France and continues in New France.

I look forward to sharing King's Daughter with readers in the spring of 2015. Meanwhile, this will give new readers a chance to catch up on the series. You can get your copy of either part one or two for Kindle here, or for any other format such as iBook, Book Nook, Kobo, etc. either on their sites or at Smashwords.

As always, thank you for reading.


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