Thursday, October 11, 2012

Review: Eternal

Eternal, by Jennie Orbell

This is a wonderful, well-written collection of short stories that reminded me, with their surprise endings, of the stories in the television show Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Most of the stories have a macabre hook to them, and I enjoyed how the author did not shy away from the graphic blood and guts descriptions that contrasted her clean, crisp writing. Ms Orbell's style combines the realism of an accomplished author with the disorienting feeling one gets in those really good nightmares.

To read these stories is to oftentimes embark on a tour of the darkest corners of the human soul - and to be returned safe and sound to one's bed at the end of (most) tales.

I truly enjoyed this collection, and I look forward to reading more fiction by Jennie Orbell.
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